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Thailand Holidays For Young Adults

Young Adults Vacation In Thailand

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Young people, just like everyone else, enjoy having fun on their vacation or holidays (depending on your version of English).

With that in mind, Thailand would be a perfect place for young adults to really enjoy themselves, no matter if they are into the party scene, outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, or would simply enjoy relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sunshine.

However, it’s fair to admit that a big advantage younger people would have is that they generally have a lot more energy than their more aged counterparts so their priorities may differ a little.

What Can Young Adults Do In Thailand?

Although the term “Young Adults” can be somewhat subjective, depending on their country of origin, in this case, we’ll be operating on the assumption that these young adults will be aged between 18 to 30 or thereabouts.

As mentioned previously, Thailand offers something for everyone, for example, there’s the party scene, the outdoors and adventure, relaxing on a beach, or even island hopping.

For those who wish to party or go to bars, Bangkok or Pattaya would be ideal. There’s an abundance of beer bars, go-go bars, clubs, and the like in both places. You can read more about Thailand’s nightlife here.

For young adults with a more adventurous spirit, there are lots of outdoor activities to engage in, such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. Thailand has some truly incredible natural beauty to this will be an amazing experience to those to follow the call of the outdoors.

There are many absolutely stunning beaches in Thailand, and many wonderful islands to visit, to the point where if you manage to find a secluded beach almost all to yourself then it can become a bit of a surreal experience.

What Do Young Adults Do In Bangkok?

Bangkok and a huge city, with a population of almost 8.3 million people, it really is a busy place. However, for young adults planning on visiting the city, take note that the traffic in Bangkok is extremely congested which can cause havok with your plans if you don’t allow yourself enough extra time to get where you’re going.

Luckily for you, Bangkok actually has a really great public transport system in the forms of both the BTS (Bangkok Skytrain elevated rail system) and the MRT (the subway system in Bangkok). These systems are also very cheap to use so getting around the city isn’t going to break the bank.

Bangkok has so many different things to see, ranging from temples, the Royal Palace and other cultural sites, all the way to the now infamous Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza (those two locales would generally be more aimed towards young adult male vacationers). There are museums, parks and even a Muay Thai stadium where weekly fight nights are held.

If you’re not really sure on which aspect of Bankok you’d like to focus on, then you could check out the excellent service provided by the Take Me Tour group. They will offer tours ranging from the floating markets all the way over to the option of a private jog around Lumphini Park!

What Does It Cost For Young Adults To Vacation In Thailand?

Assuming that you’re from the West, then you’ll likely find that the cost of living in Thailand is quite a lot less than in your home countries, however there are some caveats.

Even though things in Thailand do tend to cost a lot less than in the West, it’s quite possible that you may fall into the “Two-week millionaire” category. The two-week millionaires are the ones who work hard in their own countries throughout the year and save their money each month, then go hell for leather for two or three weeks in Thailand, not having to be conservative with the finances at all.

Believe it or not, you may end up spending more as things are so cheap! That sentence may seem a little strange but it’s true.

Although it will vary, depending on which part of Thailand that you visit, it’s likely that you’ll find bars selling beer for about 50 to 60 Baht per bottle, but if you are in the central hub of Bangkok then you can expect this price to be quite a bit higher.

Hotel rooms do tend to be quite reasonable, but if you wish, you can spend a good amount of money on a really high end room. This might be something worth doing once or twice, just to experience that level of extravagance, but it’s probably not a good ideal long term.


For young adults, Thailand will seem like a dream to them, there are so many different things for them to see and experience, but it’s important that they keep some things in mind.

Thailand in general is a relatively inexpensive country, especially when compared to Western countries. You could easily get by here for a few weeks by not going too crazy with the bar girls (your funds will be spent incredibly quickly with their help).

For the guys who will be searching for companionship, be that girls or ladyboys, my very strong recommendation to you is to wear a condom!!! STDs can be quite common, much more so with freelancers so just be careful.

I can’t recommend Thailand highly enough as an amazing place to visit, you will have a wonderful time there and the holiday of a lifetime.

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