A Guide to Overseas Travel

Travel Products

Travel Recommended Products

Here, we will list some of the travel products that we recommend you pick up before you travel to your destination, they will vary from the obvious like power adapters to things like strong sunscreen and travel towels.

Have a look below and pick the ones that are most relevant to the trip that you’re planning.

Power Adapters

When you travel abroad, being able to plug in your devices like laptops, phones is vital. You’ll need a travel power adapter to do this.

Power Banks

These are a great device to have with you on your travels, especially if you’re going to be taking lots of pictures with your phone.

Sun Block

Surprisingly, it can be difficult to get high factor sun block when travelling in places like Thailand and The Philippines, it’s better to bring some with you.


Most hotels will provide you with towels, however, it’s a good idea to bring some with you if you’re planning on visiting the beach on your travels.

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