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  • Halal Food Thailand

    Is Food in Thailand Halal?

    According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, 3.6 Million Muslim visitors traveled to Thailand in 2017, a number that grows larger each year. With such a large population of Muslim tourists, one would assume that Thailand must provide a wide variety of Halal foods. So is the food in Thailand Halal? Not all food in…

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  • Retire In Thailand

    How to Retire in Thailand

    Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with a population of approximately 69 million people. Endowed with some of the most beautiful tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, and an inexpensive cost of living, it is easy to understand why just about anyone can be excited about retiring here. However, retiring in Thailand is not as simple…

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  • Thailand Travel Tips Temple

    Thailand Travel Tips: A Guide to Your Greatest Adventure

    Lush jungle, picturesque beaches, delicious food, awesome nightlight, and unique and beautiful culture are just some of the things that make Thailand the country of Southeastern Asia most visited by tourists. It’s also very cheap. Below I have collected Thailand travel tips to help guide you on your greatest adventure. Book a Cheap Flight; Go…

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  • tips for thailand

    11 Tips for Your First Trip to Thailand

    There’s a reason that tens of thousands of people flock to the Land of Smiles every year. It’s a beautiful paradise where luxury accommodations and delicious food are priced low. Whether you’re starting your backpacking adventure across Asia, or looking to get away for two weeks, there are certain things that a first-time visitor should…

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  • Night Market Thailand

    What Are the Best Night Markets in Thailand?

    Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations due to its extravagant nightlife. However, if you really want to get to know a culture like the ones found in Thailand, you definitely should visit its markets. What are the best night markets in Thailand? The best night markets in Thailand include: Asiatique Chatuchak Friday Night…

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  • Thailand Temple

    11 Amazing Must Visit Temples In Thailand

    There are thousands of things to do and see in Thailand, but the most popular places to visit in Thailand are the temples. There are over 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand, so it is nearly impossible to visit all of them in a short trip to Thailand. Which temples should you visit? The 11 most…

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  • Songkran Festival Water Fight

    What Is the Songkran Festival? And Why Does It Look So Fun?

    So, you’ve been planning on taking a big vacation and decided on Thailand, but everyone says that you should make sure to go during Songkran. But what is Songkran? And when is it? And, most important of all, why is everyone so adamant that you plan your trip around it? What is the Songkran Festival?…

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  • Teach English Thailand Classroom

    Teach English in Thailand Without a Degree

    Being able to speak English is truly an asset in today’s world. This somewhat complicated language can allow you to travel the world as you teach others how to speak it. From South America to Asia, countries hire numerous English speakers from around the world to come to their nations and teach English to the…

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  • Thai Massage

    Thai Massage Is Amazing: A Guide to Health Benefits and More

    If you are planning a trip to Thailand, it is worth your time to seek out a great traditional Thai massage while you are there. Unlike most Western massage, traditional Thai massage works the entire body and leaves you feeling both relieved but reenergized. There are many reasons that Thai massage might be the perfect…

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  • Thailand power sockets

    Thailand Power Sockets: What Type of Adapter Do I Need?

    You are planning on traveling from your home in the US to Thailand. You have packed all your clothes, shoes, a passport, and other necessities. However, once you start packing your electronics, you realize that the Thailand power sockets must be completely different from the ones in the US. So, now you need an adapter.…

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