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How to Meet Ladyboys in Thailand

Meet Ladyboys In Thailand

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While they cater to a specialized set of tastes, there’s no denying that ladyboys are a significant tourist attraction of Thailand. These beautiful entertainers are known for their extravagant cabaret shows, which are famous across the world.

So, how do you meet ladyboys in Thailand? The best way to run into ladyboys in Thailand is to attend one of the many cabaret performances featuring ladyboys, especially in entertainment and red-light districts. You can also connect with ladyboys through an online dating app or one of the many ladyboy-centric bars in Thailand.

Thailand is one of the most famous places in the world for transvestites, transsexuals, and drag queens. Keep reading to find out more about how to meet up with one of these special ladies on your next trip.

Ladyboys and Cabaret Performances

If you’re just looking to have a casual encounter with ladyboys as part of your trip to Thailand, the best way to meet some in a fun and lively atmosphere is to take in a few of the many famous cabaret and burlesque shows in Thailand that specifically feature ladyboys as the showrunners.

Even if you do not want to get together with a ladyboy for some intimate one-on-one time, Thailand’s world-famous ladyboy cabaret performances feature a heady mixture of lights, glamour, dancing, and a little humor thrown in for good measure.

Here are some of the best ladyboy cabarets you can attend in Thailand:

  • Calypso Cabaret: Calypso Cabaret is one of the most famous cabaret clubs in all of Thailand, and with good reason—with a selection of shows ranging from bawdy burlesque to classical Thai dances, there is something for everybody here. For a night full of sequins and professional-grade choreography, you can’t do much better than Calypso.

  • Playhouse Magical Cabaret: Unlike some of the ladyboy cabaret shows in Thailand, Playhouse Magic Cabaret is a family-friendly venue, making it a fun choice for encountering ladyboys in Thailand in a less tawdry context than the red-light district while on vacation with family.

  • Golden Dome Cabaret Show: One significant benefit of the Golden Dome Cabaret Show is that visitors have a chance to meet and take pictures with the performers after each show, which is an excellent way to get up close and personal with ladyboys in a cabaret venue. If you want to meet Thai ladyboys in a non-sexual context, this is one of the best ways to do it.

  • Simon Cabaret: Simon Cabaret is widely regarded as the best and most popular ladyboy cabaret in Phuket. This sizeable formal theater features seating for over 600 people. It is regarded as one of the best ladyboy cabarets in all of Thailand, not just Phuket, so if you’re only going to go to one ladyboy cabaret show on your vacation, this is a show to check out.

These aren’t the only cabaret shows available where you can meet ladyboys in Thailand—Bangkok, in particular, is covered up with burlesque and cabaret shows featuring ladyboys. If you’re wanting to meet some talented and hardworking ladyboys while also taking in some of Thailand’s classical cabaret culture, dinner and a show is a fantastic start to your evening.

Ladyboys and the Red-Light District

Meet Ladyboys In Thailand

Thailand’s ladyboys are also renowned for their sexual services. Because Thai transgender prostitutes are so popular, one of the easiest ways to find ladyboys that are willing to talk to you on an intimate level is to frequent one of Thailand’s many red-light districts. Since transgender prostitution is a major form of tourism in Thailand, you shouldn’t have to go very far to find an interesting kathoey.  

Here are some bars in Thailand where you can find and meet ladyboys:

  • Cascade Ladyboy Bar: Cascade Ladyboy Bar is one of the most popular and famous ladyboy bars in Thailand and is located in Nana Plaza, Bangkok’s transgender red-light district. Don’t worry about finding the place—every cab driver and hotel clerk in Bangkok knows how to get to
    Nana Plaza.

  • True Obsession: True Obsession is also located in Nana Plaza, and while they aren’t the best-stocked bar in Bangkok, they have one of the best selections of good-looking Thai ladyboys to drink with and chat up. An advantage of True Obsession is that it caters to a wide variety of patrons and tastes, so there are plenty of different girls to choose from.

  • King’s Castle: King’s Castle is a popular go-go bar with foreign tourists because the ladyboys here speak excellent English, making communication a breeze. Another advantage of King’s Castle is that all of its bar girls are post-op ladyboys, so you are spared any kind of awkward questions to ask.

  • Casanova: Casanova is a small ladyboy bar in Nana Plaza but makes up for its diminutive size with the beauty of its working girls. Because the ladyboys at Casanova can be somewhat forward or even aggressive in working their customers compared to other ladyboy bars, this bar is better suited for tourists who are used to being pressured by seductive kathoeys.

  • Temptations: Like Casanova, Temptations has some of the more pushy ladyboys in Nana Plaza, so if you’re shy or don’t like getting plenty of attention, it may not be a good fit for you. However, if you don’t mind a little teasing from the cocky ladyboys (no pun intended), you’re sure to have a good time here.

No matter which ladyboy bar you choose, you’re going to have to prepare yourself to be solicited from the moment you walk in the door. Learn early how to politely decline offers for sexual favors or any other physical attention you don’t want. Don’t be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings—keep in mind that these ladyboys are on the clock, and there are plenty of flush tourists available to go around.

Ladyboys and Online Dating Apps

Thailand Ladyboy Nature

If you’re apprehensive about meeting ladyboys in the red-light district, another way to meet ladyboys while you’re in Thailand is to use one of Thailand’s dating apps, especially a dating app that caters specifically to Thai ladyboys such as Smooci.

One major draw of meeting ladyboys through a dating app rather than the red-light district is that you’re more likely to meet a ladyboy who is interested in a real date rather than just hooking up for money. It’s important to remember that the ladyboys in Nana Plaza and other areas of Thailand’s red-light districts are working girls, so don’t expect to get an intimate encounter with one of them without paying up.

Here are a few other dating apps that can be used to contact Thai ladyboys:

Meeting up with ladyboys online before actually arriving in Thailand is an excellent way to set up an actual date with a ladyboy rather than having to pay for one to escort you.

Dating apps are also a great way to get to know a ladyboy before meeting her in person so that you know a little bit about them, and the conversation can run a little more smoothly when you meet up face to face. It’s a good way to find a Thai ladyboy who is proficient in English or the language of your choice if communication is a barrier.

Ladyboy Massages

If you want to meet a ladyboy for a brief sexual encounter, one of the most famous ways to go about it in Thailand is to look into getting a Thai massage at a ladyboy massage parlor. Not only do these massage parlors feature a wide variety of ladyboys for you to meet up with, they often have “freelancers” hanging around outside who can be solicited for a reasonable price.

While Bangkok is famous for its “happy ending” massages, including hand jobs and blow jobs, there are some Thai masseurs who will not go in for that, so be sure to communicate your wants and needs up-front to avoid being disappointed.

Here are some of the ladyboy massage parlors you can patronize while you’re in Thailand:

  • Lek Nuch Massage: Lek Nuch Massage is one of the classier massage parlors in Thailand and features a wide variety of spa services from body scrubs and hot stone massages to waxing services and manicures. Nuch has ten locations throughout Thailand and is the place to go for a higher-end spa experience while you are in Thailand.

  • Montra Thai Massage: Montra Thai Massage is an upper-scale massage parlor with beautiful interiors and beautiful masseurs. This is an excellent choice for those new to Thai massages since the location is spotless and the staff is polite (though that isn’t unusual in Thailand). Montra features a variety of ritual massages and other body treatments.

  • EZ Massage: EZ Massage in Bangkok offers both massage and escort services, which makes it a fantastic one-stop-shop for your intimate ladyboy encounters. The massage parlor itself is open until 2 AM every morning, which makes it a great stop after a night of bar-hopping, but its escorting service can be contacted for off-site dates twenty-four hours a day.  

Thai massage parlors are one of the biggest attractions in Thailand for tourists, so if you’re looking to meet ladyboys in Thailand while also getting one of the most relaxing massages of your life, seeking out a massage parlor with ladyboy masseurs is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

Miss Ladyboys Competition (Tiffany’s Show)

If you want a more unusual and exciting encounter with ladyboys in Thailand, you should book your trip around the Miss Ladyboys Competition in Pattaya, Thailand. This transgender beauty competition draws in the most gorgeous ladyboys not only from across rural Thailand but from across the entire world.

The Miss Ladyboys Competition is the height of global drag royalty, so if you’re looking for a unique chance to see some of the most beautiful ladyboys in the world, the Miss Ladyboys Competition is a sure bet for a night you’ll never forget. The Miss Ladyboys Competition has been going on in Pattaya for over fifteen years.

Tips for Meeting Ladyboys While in Thailand

Meeting ladyboys while you’re visiting in Thailand can be a fun time, but it’s important to remember some essential tips for doing so both safely and respectfully. Keep in mind that ladyboys are a respected third gender in Thailand and will not tolerate disrespect from tourists. Remember, these ladyboys are the most sought-after and beautiful creatures in all of Thailand, so they don’t have to put up with anyone being rude to them.

These are some tips to keep in mind while you’re trying to meet ladyboys in Thailand:

  • Learn how to ask. If you’re interested in a sexual encounter with a ladyboy, you should probably learn how to ask (politely!) whether your potential date is post-op or pre-op, so you know what kind of plumbing to expect in bed. Most Thai ladyboys are very open about the state of their sexual transition. Many of them will flash you naked photos to show you precisely what you’re going to get.

  • Determine whether you’re looking for a prostitute or a real date. There’s no way around it—Thailand is chock full of ladyboy prostitutes, so chances are if a ladyboy in Nana Plaza shows interest in you, they are probably a working girl. If you’re looking to meet Thai ladyboys naturally for a real date, dating apps are a much better option to avoid paying.

  • Learn to negotiate. Haggling is a vital part of negotiations in Thai tourism, and you’re going to overpay everywhere if you don’t learn to try and knock down the prices on things a little bit. Between drink costs, lady drink costs, and bar fees, meeting up with Thai ladyboys can get expensive, so try and save bahts where you can—just don’t be a cheapskate. 

  • Watch your drinks. While spiked drinks aren’t a common occurrence in Thailand’s bars (at least when it comes to women), they aren’t an uncommon occurrence either. For unwary guys, they can be a good way for you to wake up in your hotel room the next day with a massive headache and a lot less cash than you remembered going out with. Don’t leave your drink unattended.

  • Beware of bill-padding. Some less scrupulous ladyboy bars in Bangkok and Pattaya will try to pad out your bar bill to force you to pay for more drinks than you should. Keep a close eye on how much your drinks are costing you so that you don’t end up getting fleeced when the tab comes up.

  • Keep an eye out for “sick buffalos.” It’s easy to forget that many Thai ladyboys are working girls when they are so doting and attentive to their tourist patrons, but don’t let your soft heart get your wallet in a mess—if a Thai ladyboy starts talking about how she needs to send money back to her family for emergency expenses, chances are she’s already pulled the same scam on a half-dozen guys before you. This kind of scam is one of the most common scams in Phuket.

  • Don’t forget to tip. Tip your bartender. Tip your cabaret ladyboys. Tip your masseur. Tip your escort. Thailand is a tourism country, and its natives depend on tourism money to keep going. If you enjoyed the company of ladyboys in Thailand, be sure to be generous and share the love. Despite the sick buffalo scams, many Thai ladyboys do support families in rural Thailand.  

  • Wear a condom. It practically goes without saying, but you should always use sexual protection when frequenting Thai prostitutes or going on a date with a Thai native (ladyboys or not). Thailand has the single highest concentration of HIV patients in all of Asia, and many of them work in the red-light districts. That’s one souvenir you don’t want to bring home from vacation.

  • Have fun! Whether you’re looking to meet a Thai ladyboy as a date or just trying to get closer to these marvelous and beautiful entertainers, there’s no reason to be nervous around ladyboys in Thailand. Because the kings of Thailand and Siam have historically taken ladyboys as courtesans along with natural-born females, ladyboys enjoy a level of respect, tolerance, and prestige in Thailand that they don’t find anywhere else.

Above all, it’s important to remember that the ladyboys you’re trying to meet up with are regular, ordinary people just like you, no matter how gorgeous or outlandish they might appear. The best way to make a good impression with ladyboys in Thailand is to be generous, kind, and respectful.

Meeting Ladyboys in Thailand is Perfect for Your Travel Bucket List

Regardless of your romantic interest in ladyboys, nobody can deny that these flashy individuals are the crown jewels of Thailand’s tourism industry. With just a little preparation and a few bahts to spare, you’ll be well on your way to meeting some of the most beautiful kathoeys in the entire country. 


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