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Honeymoon in Thailand: The Most Amazing Places to Visit

Honeymoon In Thailand

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable honeymoon, and a destination that offers relaxation, adventure, and luxury, look no further. Thailand is where it’s at. You can spend one night watching the waves roll in over some of the world’s most incredible beaches, and the next night camping after a safari. Thailand is full of amazing places to visit.

But what are the most amazing places to visit in Thailand? There’s wildlife in Thailand’s national parks, ancient ruins to be explored, nightlife like no other, and yes, the beaches. Thailand has a little bit of everything, which makes it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations.

If you’re considering a honeymoon in Thailand, and you’d like to preview more of what it has to offer, then keep reading. This article is for you. Or maybe you already have a honeymoon to Thailand booked, and you’re looking to solidify your plans… then stick around, this article is for you, too. Whatever the case may be, keep reading for the most amazing places to visit on a honeymoon in Thailand.

For the Beach Goers…

Thailand has nearly 2,000 miles of scenic shoreline that’s beyond your wildest imagination. White sandy beaches with glittering, turquoise water make for the most insta-worthy honeymoon photos.

With so many different beaches to choose from all across the country, there’s at least one that will fit into your travel plans. Here are some of the top picks.

Emerald Cave, Koh Muk

Legend has it that this hidden beach was once the chosen locale for pirates to bury their treasure. The seclusion is what made it appealing to pirates but is also the reason why it’s popular with couples looking for relaxation, while exploring Thailand, on their honeymoon.

Venturing into the cave itself can only be done by swimming or kayaking, with a guide, of course. And, the conditions have to be just right. But, once you get inside, the sunlight dancing across the walls of the cave will speak for itself.

Add the softest white sand and turquoise waters from the cave’s lagoon, and you’re basically on actual cloud nine. For those that do choose this quiet escape as part of their Thai honeymoon, remember to bring a wet bag to keep your camera from getting damaged. These are pictures you won’t want to lose.

Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

This stretch of sand is named for its incredible… you guessed it… sunsets. Even those visitors that spend hours at the beach during the day, come back to watch the sun as it settles in for the evening. By day, there aren’t many boats…maybe the occasional tour boat. But as the sun starts to go down, longboats return to the beach and line the sands. This is a sight in and of itself.

Sunset Beach is also a little bit less commercially developed than others. This makes it feel slightly more private. But, knowing that a restaurant or bar isn’t more than a short walk away is always nice… especially on your honeymoon.

The clear, blue water of Sunset Beach is home to all kinds of different tropical fish and aquatic life. Snorkeling and kayaking are both great ways to explore what goes on under the sea. The water is also very calm, which is another reason why these activities are perfect to do on Sunset Beach.

Railay Beach, Krabi

If you’re really wanting the full experience of Thailand’s beaches, Railay should for sure be one of your stops. This “beach” is actually a group of several beaches that make up an entire peninsula.

Railay gets bonus points for being a beach that also has its fair share of fun for those that want a little adventure. Besides all the beach itself has to offer, Railay is also home to caves and lagoons, just waiting to be explored. Newlywed couples that appreciate some relaxation on the beach mixed with more energetic activities will love Railay Beach.

Part of the beauty and allure of Railay is the absence of noise from vehicles… there aren’t any! In fact, Railay doesn’t even have any roads, just walking paths and trails. But, here, mostly everything is within walking distance. Anything that isn’t is just a short longboat ride away.

Thong Nai Pan Noi, Koh Phangan

This crescent shaped beach has plenty of amenities to offer, with lots of restaurants and hotels. But the wide beach and the trees ensure that all of the establishments don’t take away from the views, and ambiance of Thong Nai Pan.

The town itself has a relaxed, laid back vibe with lots of small shops and family owned spots. There are some larger beach resorts, but no huge skyrise hotels. Those that travel to Thailand cite this beach as one of their favorites, for its small town feel, without having to travel too far for necessities, like food.

Hidden Gems

Thailand is notorious for having top secret, hidden beaches that aren’t on most maps. However, many guides or locals are willing to cough up the location of secluded beaches.

Some of these can be found by exploring, but oftentimes the terrain isn’t ideal for doing without previous knowledge of what you’re walking into. But, if you’re looking for a romantic beach hideaway, then asking around about these hidden gems is well worth it.

For the History Buffs…

Thailand has a rich history that dates back thousands of years, and thanks to some incredible architectural structures, much of that history can still be seen today. There are ancient temples to visit, or even sites from more recent, yet equally intriguing, history.

The list of historical sites to visit is a long one, but not all of them make you feel warm and fuzzy, like you should on your honeymoon. Here are a few history rich places to visit, that are worthy of your first trip as a married couple.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

This is THE historical site to visit when you’re in Thailand. You’ll want to set aside plenty of time in your itinerary to explore the 2.35 million square feet of the palace, which includes temples, government offices, throne halls, and of course, Thailand’s royal family. Although the family has a separate private home, their ceremonies and business operations are conducted right here at The Grand Palace.

When visiting The Grand Palace, there are a few… actually, more than a few, rules that need to be followed. These rules are strictly enforced, and all visitors are required to adhere to them. The Grand Palace is both a place of worship and a government building, and modesty is very important in the Buddhist culture. Before you visit, make sure you’re prepared to follow these rules:

  • Torn pants are not acceptable.
  • Sleeves are a must, this means no vests, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts of any kind, for men and women.
  • Crop tops or other short shirts are not permitted.
  • Loose fitting pants are required, no shorts or tight pants (including leggings).

But, the rules are a small part of The Grand Palace. It’s an actual living piece of history, and something you don’t want to miss. The immaculate landscaping and intentional design features are such a testament of how Thailand’s history is still very much a part of how they live today, which is so unique in modern times.


The location of what was once Thailand’s capital is ideal, being so close to Bangkok. This makes a visit to Ayutthaya a short trip from the big city. The ruins of this ancient city have been carefully cared for, so they remain in great condition.

A tour of the whole city is wonderful, if you have time. The well preserved temples and sculptures have a level of romanticism and serenity that only Ayutthaya has. Whether you’re seeing the giant, lounging Buddha statue, or an old palace, you’ll want to be sure that your camera is charged and ready.

Wat Chiang Man

One of the oldest temples in Thailand is home to a famous statue of Buddha, made from crystal. It’s believed to have healing powers and positive energy, so this historical site should be heavily considered for a honeymoon agenda. All freshly married couples can use some positive vibes to get things started off right.

The temple was first erected in the 1300s. Additions and more buildings have since been added, along with major maintenance, naturally. Once you catch a glimpse of this incredible place, you’ll see why it’s been taken care of so well.

Many visitors appreciate the fact that this temple is quiet and serene, thanks to the fact that it requires more walking than other temples. Because it’s a little less visited, it’s impeccable and ornate design has been maintained for all of these years.

For the Adventurers & Explorers…

The landscape of Thailand is one so unique, you just have to take some time out to explore while you’re there. You can hike one of the hundreds of trails through Thailand’s forests, or take a kayak tour down one of Thailand’s rivers.

If adventure is your thing, then here are some of the best activities to get your adrenaline pumping while on your honeymoon in Thailand.


This is one of the most popular things to do in Thailand, thanks to the easy access from all the beaches, and of course the sparkling, turquoise blue waters. The waters of Thailand are full of amazing creatures, and what better way to see them than up close through your snorkeling mask.

It’s worth mentioning that there are plenty of beaches in Thailand that offer snorkeling right there, on the spot. So, you can rent equipment and wade right in from the beach. But, some areas offer guided snorkeling tours, where a boat will take you out into the water a bit further out, offshore, for some sea creatures that you might not be able to spot in such shallow, or populated, waters. However, if you get sea sick at all, this is not an option I’d recommend.

There are a few species of aquatic life that should be avoided, but that will depend on where you choose to do your diving. Asking the locals at a dive shop can help you identify any of these creepy underwater critters. Here are some of the most popular places to snorkel on your honeymoon in Thailand.

Ao Mae Yai Bay, Koh Surin Nuea

This particular spot is part of the Surin Islands, and the mu Koh Surin Marine National Park. Being a national park means that the water here, from the Adaman Sea, as well as the beaches are protected.

This is what makes them ideal for snorkeling. They’re so well maintained that tropical fish and coral are able to grow and thrive in the ideal conditions. One of the most common fish that are spotted while snorkeling here are clown fish!

Koh Nang Yuan, Koh Tao

Just try to search for images of this popular snorkeling spot and not feel like you have to stop here. I dare you. It’s impossible. Running right down the center of this island is a sandbar, allowing all kinds of snorkeling adventures to happen right off the shore. So not only is it the perfect snorkeling spot, it’s also a fantastic place for the ultimate honeymoon snaps.

This spot is also not frequented as heavily as other parts of these islands, making the sea life easier to find and the beach a little more secluded, so you don’t have to be around tons of tourists while enjoying a little honeymoon snorkeling. Also, going right in off the beach leaves you and your partner to explore alone, without the awkward third wheel of a guide watching your every move.

Koh Phi Phi

The Phi Phi Islands are notorious for their beautiful beaches, but the waters are equally majestic. But, snorkeling here brings a little bit more adventure, so be prepared, the waters here are home to several species of sharks! And snorkeling will almost guarantee that you’ll encounter one of them.

Sea turtles are also native to this area, so if you’re looking for something besides just fish spotting, this is an ideal location for your snorkeling adventure.

Animals & Wildlife

Thailand is home to some of the world’s most amazing creatures. If you’re more of a land lover than a water bug, then try one of these adventures. Or, if you want to squeeze as much adventure into your honeymoon as possible, then here are a few places you might want to check out.

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Phuket

Just about 40 years ago, gibbon poaching had become such a problem, that these adorable cousins to monkeys were nearly extinct. This gibbon sanctuary has made huge strides in sending more gibbons out into the wild, where they can live on their own.

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, Krabi

Elephant sanctuaries are fairly common in Thailand. But, sadly, they don’t all follow ethical standards. Nothing would put a damper on your honeymoon quite like visiting a “sanctuary” where animals are being mistreated.

The Krabi Elephant Sanctuary gives these gentle giants a place to live free after they’ve been rescued from the tourism industry. Visitors get to feed and play with the elephants. You can also pack a swimsuit and help bathe the elephants. That’s right bathe the elephants. Insert heart eyes.

Khao Sok National Park

The official national park was established fairly recently, in 1982 to be exact. However, the actual lands that the national park is on have been forming for literally millions of years.

The park itself has been home to many events throughout history, including a seven year period when Thai students cared for the forest during a communist stalemate with the Thai army. The history of the park is a rich, and interesting one.

But perhaps the most impressive part of the national park is the sheer beauty of the land. Khao Sok is home to a large, freshwater lake called Cheow Larn Lake. Here you can canoe or kayak.

Khao Sok is also a great place to spot some of the wildlife that’s native to Thailand’s forests. You can do this on one of the many hiking trails that the park has to offer. Comfortable shoes and clothing are a must.

There are plenty of accommodations at Khao Sok. You’ll be able to find one that matches your honeymoon style, including an actual honeymoon glamping experience!

For the Foodies…

If the most amazingly perfect bite is on your honeymoon agenda, Thai cuisine will not let you down. Some of the best chefs in the world cite Thailand as home to some of their favorite dishes. Here are a few that you should consider trying if you’re a self-proclaimed foodie.

Quintessential Thai Cuisine

The spice and brightness of Thai culture is reflected directly in their cuisine. If you have a passion for food, then trying some of these dishes will most definitely be a highlight of your trip, and an amazing experience to say the least. Here are a few that foodies like you have added to the list of things you just have to try to make your honeymoon magical.

Pad See Ew

This is something that you’ll see on many Thai restaurant menus outside of Thailand, but the real deal doesn’t even compare. Pad see ew is a dish that’s made of Thai rice noodles that have been stir fried in a wok. And of course, veggies and meat. The seasonings vary with the region, but the flavor is always fantastic.

Mah Hor

This Thai appetizer, or small bite, means “galloping horses”. The profile is the ever delicious combo of sweet and savory, with a hint of spice. There are tiny amounts of so many different spices like coriander and cloves. This makes it impossible to nail down just one favorite flavor, but they all work together perfectly. The pork is served on top of little triangles of pineapple or oranges.

Cooking Classes

Why not make your honeymoon last longer by taking back more than photos and memories? Taking a cooking class with a professional Thai chef is a great way to bring some Thai spice home with you and incorporate it into your own cooking whenever you want.

Thai House Cookery School

This is one more than just a cooking class, it’s a fully immersive cultural experience as well. The school is located near the scenic canals of Bangkok. Courses are either two or three days in length, and depending on which you choose, you’ll learn various skills that are pertinent to Thai cooking.

Part of the coursework includes venturing to a local market and learning how to choose different elements of Thai cuisine, and which flavors work together in different dishes. After choosing ingredients, students will learn to cook in open-air kitchens.

A Lot of Thai Cooking School

In this Chiang Mai cooking school, you’re not only learning to cook, but you’re also guaranteed a celebrity sighting! Each one of the small group cooking classes is taught by a very famous Thai chef. However, this class books up quickly so you’ll want to book this in advance.

For the Culture Seekers…

On top of the warm and hospitable population, the culture of Thailand, as we know, has ancient roots. The main religion, Buddhism, is so strongly woven throughout Thailand’s culture, with many unique and interesting traditions. While you’re in Thailand, there are a few stops that you have to make, to really absorb as much of this incredibly amazing culture as humanly possible.


One of the best places to explore Thai culture is at one of their famous markets. Some are famous for all the wrong reasons, while others are packed with local produce, spices, and handmade items. Exploring one or two of these on your honeymoon is sure to leave wonderful memories.

Floating Markets

Parts of Bangkok’s canals, or “khlongs”, are packed with boats where locals sell their wares. Experiencing a floating market is a true glimpse into Thai culture and can put your newlywed communication skills to the test. Navigating these canals and markets can be tricky. It’s a good idea to commission a guide or join a tour.

Maeklong Railway Market

This is a truly amazing site to see, and probably one you’ll never see again anywhere else. This market is carefully crafted to allow room for an actual train to run right down the middle of it.

Those that sell at the market have established a system that runs like a well-oiled machine for pulling back their awnings to make room for the train as it rumbles though. It’s incredible to watch them move so quickly. But stay out of their way, they’re closing shop with or without you standing there.

However, if you do plan on going to the Maeklong Railway Market, be prepared with water and a fan (or you can get one at the market). It is HOT! You’ll also want to be on your toes when the train comes through, so you can get out of the way… of the train and other people.

Night Markets

Most cities and towns host a night market. Similar to regular markets, there’s lots of food and handmade items. However, night markets usually amp up the street food department to accommodate those looking for a late night snack. There are also cocktails served at some of the more touristy spots.

Guided Trips to Remote Villages

No matter what city or town you’re staying in, there’s going to be a tour that will take you to visit one of the neighboring remote villages. For those couples that want to fully experience the traditions of Thai culture, this is the perfect way to do it.

Naturally, you’ll want to wear comfy shoes and bring water. Some of the larger tours will provide this for you, but it’s always a good idea to have your own. Also, make sure that you choose a well-known tour guide, and don’t do this on your own as a couple.

Visiting Monks

As we’ve already discussed, Buddhism is a huge part of the daily lives of the Thai people. Most men in Thailand actually become ordained as Monks at some point during their lives. Because Buddhist Monks are such a large part of Thai culture, spending time with them is a great way to integrate this aspect of the culture into your honeymoon.

When you do visit with the Monks, it’s important to follow the same rules that you would when entering a temple. Anything that violates the rules is considered offensive and rude, and that might ruin your honeymoon vibe.

Some guided excursions will take you to Buddhist temples where you can visit with Monks and give alms. But, if you really want to leave a Thai imprint on your marriage while you’re on your honeymoon, there are Monks that will do a blessing ceremony. That sounds like a pretty amazing way to start a life together!

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